Ovens, food Materials and Equipment

F.M. LAPOINTE is proud of its clientel ranking among the majors in the food industry such as: meat processing plants, bakeries, pastries making and biscuits factories, pizzas, pies, meat pies, etc.

Equipments list

  • Automated production lines

    for breads, pizzas, bagels, croissants, meats pies, pies, pitas, donutys, pastries, etc.

  • Proofers

    The FML proofer is equipped with a maintenance free vapor unit and fan, made of stainless steel, installed on its roof.
    The roof and the walls are built with insulated panels covered with aluminium or stainless steel.
    The dimension vary according to the requirements.

  • Tunnel oven

    Tunnel oven working either with gas, electricity, wood granules or combined for applications such as pizzas baked on wood fire.
    The production capacity determines the width and the length of the oven.

  • Multi-level oven

    with chain mounted trays.
    A cooling section is available as an option.
    This type of oven is used when the production space is limited.

  • Infrared tunnel oven

    This electric or gas oven is the choice to bake meats, ground beef for hamburgers, chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken fillets, sausages and other productis such as cookies.

  • Standards products

    Press, malexeur, bowl lift, baking pans greaser, piston filler, mixer, slicer, spiral tower, packing equipment, etc.