Custom design

F.M. LAPOINTE develops his equipment according to the specifications and the needs of his customers. This development can involve the complete design of the equipment based on the particular needs of the clientele. F.M. LAPOINTE is always at the forefront of technological innovation with its custom designed conveyor, infrared tunnel oven, tunnel oven, infrared tunnel, automated production lines and other food equipment for restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops.

Approbation services

We offer approbation services on any new or used equipment.

An experienced technician appointed by F.M. Lapointe can evaluate the status of your equipment or production system compared to the specifications demanded by HACCP, ISO and CSST.


Equipment reconditioning

We offer a complete equipment reconditioning service, including the replacement of used parts with new parts.

Training services

We offer complete training services on the functionning of the equipment or production systems to permit your personnel to work adequately and safely with the equipment.
This service is included in the selling price of our equipment.

Equipment seach

Should you need new or used equipment or production systems, we can search if for you.